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Sports massage is a deep tissue massage, which manipulates the skin, works deep within the muscles and surrounding soft tissues; including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. It’s intended to be a stronger type of massage with the aim of reducing the sense tension within the area and aiding an improvement of function.

At Momentum Healthcare we guide the strength of this technique by how the patient is responding. For example, if the area was very sensitive or tender a reduced strength would be more appropriate, and a stronger treatment would be applied when the area is less reactive or where this is preferred.

Patients use this service for a number of reasons, from helping to maintain a pain free state or aid the management of a recurring complaint, to helping prepare the body or help recovery from a sporting event. Our Sports Massage Therapists work closely with our Professional Healthcare Team, allowing them to refer patients on to the most appropriate therapist should they present with an injury that needs more specialist attention.

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