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Follow up

Our healthcare professional team, that include Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Sports Medical Specialists, deliver these sessions. Following a consultation at either our Broadstairs or Margate site, any future session will be considered as a follow on treatment. The aim is to continue with the treatment plan that has been established from the consultation but, where needed, we will review and modify the plan to suit your recovery needs.

These sessions last around 25 minutes and often include hands on treatment but can also involve rehabilitation exercise, a review of the person’s management plan, or detailed discussion regarding a phased return to activity. The content of these sessions is tailored to the patients needs and to facilitate their quickest recovery.

Treatment Spectrum

Manipulative Therapy

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Joint Mobilising

Rehabilitation Exercise

Exercise Advice

Sports & K Taping

Modern Acupuncture

Therapeutic Ultrasound

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