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Sports Taping & K-taping

Sports taping and K-taping are used in many different capacities, mostly to help off load an injured area, helping it to recover. Often this is used in a sports setting to allow the sports person to return to their activity sooner without further harming the injury. However, it can also be used to help support the area of pain in a non-sports setting as well.

Taping usually comes in two forms; a rigid tough tape that can splint the area providing support and limited movement, or an elastic stretchy tape (K-Tape) that can help with the movement of the joint and offload the injured tissue. Usually these tapes are used in the early stages of recovery whilst rehabilitation exercises are taking effect. In the long term the aim is to allow the individual to recover well enough that the taping is no longer needed.

At Momentum Healthcare our therapists have experience in applying sports tape in both a sports and non-sports setting. We always fully explain the reasons for using sports taping in the recovery plan and discuss the intended duration of use, and how we aim to improve the injury so it isn’t needed in the future.

If you’d like more information on the use of sports taping then please contact us at Momentum Healthcare.

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